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Trotec IC080-LV

Trotec IC080-LV

Trotec IC080-LV

If you think this camera bears a striking resemblance to the American based PTI-170, or the SDS Hotfind then you would be spot on.  The OEM of this particular product is SAT Infrared in Guangdong province China.  Regardless of it’s incarnation, the core functionality and the performance of the camera is the same. Quality control may vary depending on the actual vendor, as does the software offered by each of the final market vendors.

For this review I will be focusing on the IC80 LV model from the German Vendor, Trotec.

All anyone cares about is the image… is it any good?

When it comes to the image, there is no denying that the Trotec IC80 LV produces a stunning image.  The 384×288 pixel image from the French Sofradir (ULIS) detector produces 33,792 pixels more than it’s American rivals of a 320×240 nature.  That’s 44% more!! And it shows.  The image is sharper and crisper than most. With a spatial resolution of 1.0 mrad with the standard 24° lens, electric motors and switchboard components almost jump of the screen with clarity and definition.  You would expect this from much more expensive cameras, but not at this price point.   I would also say the thermal sensitivity of 0.08°C is a very conservative value as this camera delivers very crisp imagery with minimal noise on the bright and vibrant 3.5 inch screen.  The screen is better than most outdoors, but also comes equipped with a very practical sunshield. It is actually a moulded rubber “boot” that slides over the screen, rather than a clip on device which makes it even more effective than most.  To top it off, the screen articulates (bends and tilts) through almost 180° of movement which is very convenient.

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