Thermal Imager Comparison – 6 Models Stacked Up

Thermal Imager Comparison

When comparing infrared cameras, people spend hours pouring over specifications and comparing performance characteristics and manufacturer claims. The real proof is in the pudding, or the image as it happens to be. The following were all taken under the same conditions at exactly the same time on the same target to give a meaningful comparison of image performance. Read More »

IPI-TP9-640 Infrared Camera Review


Buying an infrared camera What’s to Like: Stunning 640×480 resolution Compact and light weight Awesome internal viewfinder for outdoor use 5 inch touch screen with intuitive control Core functions are easily accessible and fast to use Stores real time video 16GB or 32GB memory, plus backup hard drive Easy to use joystick control Visual camera performance is excellent Professional Software ... Read More »

IPI-3-CM Thermal Imaging System

IPI-3-CM Thermal Imaging Sytem

The IPI-3-CM is a value packed continuous monitoring thermal imager. More recently you could have expected to pay 3x times this amount to obtain this level of functionality in a process control and monitoring camera. Read More »

IPI-R9 Infrared Thermal Imager

The IPI-R9 is certainly at the high end of image performance. The French detector is surprisingly uniform and crisp, delivering 110,592 pixels of measurement from the 384x288 detector. I say surprisingly because compared to other brands in the market that utilise this same detector, this one has virtually no drift and exceptional stability at the periphery of the image. The stated thermal sensitivity of 80mk appears to be a very conservative number, as this image looks every bit as good as cameras I’ve seen with much lower stated NETD’s. Read More »

IPI-Eclipse Corona Camera Review

Corona Camera 1

IPI-Eclipse Corona Camera For many years ultraviolet technology and corona cameras have received relatively minor attention and as a result their development has been rather slow. Only a small handful of companies manufacture Corona Cameras, and most of the modern equipment looks like what thermal imagers did 20 years ago (think post cold war Russian hardware!). That said, in recent ... Read More »

IPI-R-Zero Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

The IPI-R-Zero is one of those cameras you approach with scepticism. With a price tag of just $2500 (ex gst), it makes you wonder what you aren’t getting and just how suspect is it? ....Well, not too bad, in fact for the money you would have to say it is excellent. Read More »

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Thanks for visiting infraredcameras.net.au, This site is dedicated to the review of ALL the major brands of thermal imaging systems on the market. Our Chief Editor, Brenton Ward is a level III Thermographer with more than 15 yearsexperience in thermography. Brenton provides thermal imaging services in Australia and is a certified trainer for the Infraspection Institute. “As a provider of training ... Read More »