Infrared Training

If you would like to talk to a professional infrared trainer to find out more about thermography training, call 1300 781 701 (Australia only) or visit For Level 1 infrared training, please visit Level 1 Certified Infrared Training

Level 1 Certified Infrared Thermographer Course

infrared training

Infraspection Training in Australia The Infraspection Institute Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer Course is hosted and taught by IPI in Australia and meets both local and international standards. Many people are unsure about exactly what a level 1 Course entails, so I will explain in more detail. NOTE: The following information pertains specifically to Infraspection Institute courses in Australia only. ... Read More »

Selecting the Right Infrared Camera

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Selecting the Right Infrared Camera Infrared camera is an ideal and simple solution for many demanding temperature measurement applications. The most difficult challenge people face is choosing the appropriate equipment and knowing how to use it properly. Aside from the thermographer, equipment is the greatest limiting factor in performing an infrared inspection. Using incorrect instrumentation can significantly impact the accuracy of ... Read More »

Selecting the Right Infrared Camera (Resolution and Spot Size)

Infrared Camera Resolution and Spot Size What resolution should I buy? This is the first big question that most people must answer when deciding on which thermal imager to buy. The size and number of picture elements (pixels) produced by a thermal imager is the primary performance specification and is generally termed “detector resolution”. There are both qualitative and quantitative ... Read More »

Selecting the Right Infrared Camera (Thermal Sensitivity)

infrared camera thermal sensitivity

Thermal Sensitivity Thermal Sensitivity is an often overlooked objective specification. The number is small, and seemingly insignificant, but has major implications to image quality and measurement capabilities. Most uncooled cameras will have sensitivity of around 0.1°C. This is considered average. The better uncooled sensitivities are less than 0.08 and the worst are closer to 0.2°C. Thermal sensitivity has a large ... Read More »