Testo 890 Thermal Imager

Testo 890 Thermal Imager

The Testo 890 thermal camera is the flagship of the Testo range. The German marque has now well established itself as a serious player in the thermal camera market, and with thermal cameras like the Testo 890 it’s no surprise why. Outstanding build quality, stunning imagery, incredible ergonomics and a host of powerful functions set this thermal camera apart from many of the more traditional brands and models in the market.

As a professional contractor I actually use this camera in my own business, and after living with Testo 890 for over a year I can honestly say it’s the best value for money unit in our stable.

Big Camera, Big Features

So, first impressions… BIG. It’s a big camera, and weighs in at a portly 1.57kg. Newbies will try and hold the camera outright, like a gun style unit, but that is a misinterpretation of the style. Taking advantage of the intended ergonomics, this thermal camera should be held comfortably at waist height. The rotating screen and hand grip facilitate this position which takes all the weight off your neck and shoulders. Now you are ready for long use periods without strain or discomfort.

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