Testo 885 Thermal Imaging Camera

Testo 885 Thermal Imaging Camera

After almost 4 months since the product announcement (not release) I finally got my hands on a Testo 885.  It was a long wait but well worth it.  With such a feature rich camera I didn’t know what to explore first.   With promises of panoramic image capture, site recognition, super resolution, auto focus and much more I didn’t know what to try first.

Big Camera, Big Features

So, first impressions… BIG.  It’s a big camera, and weighs in at a portly 1.57kg. Built in the traditional elongated camcorder style with a flip-out screen (see below) this is a definite return the Thermal Imagers of yesteryear.  Personally I like it, and I am sure this design will be a big hit with both experienced and novice thermographers alike.  There is a reason why this design was so good and deployed for almost 2 decades, and that’s because it works.  The ergonomics lend themselves to a wide variety of applications, especially those where “point and shoot” just won’t cut the mustard.  The impressive size of the camera definitely says “professional”, a message that’s a lot harder to convey with the plethora of pocket size models commonly used in the market place.

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