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Testo 875-1 Thermal Imaging Camera

Testo 875-1 Thermal Imaging Camera

The Testo 875 thermal imaging camera represents the entry level unit in Testo’s range of Building Thermography Cameras.  While these units are purpose built for building thermography, they actually perform remarkably well across a whole range of thermography disciplines.  With a temperature range up to 280°C the Testo 875 is plenty capable for the majority of electrical and mechanical applications.  A key design feature throughout the entire Testo fleet is the -20 to 100°C primary range which keeps the thermal sensitivity sharpest for building thermography.

For an entry level camera, the 875-1 has a surprising level of equipment for the modest price tag of (see pricing) at the time of writing. In reviewing entry level units I am always mindful that you only get what you pay for, therefore my evaluation is intentionally measured against price.  In this case you get a lot for a little.

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