SAT SDS E8 Series Review: E8-N, E8-TN, E8-GN

SAT SDS E8 Series Review: E8-N, E8-TN, E8-GN

SAT SDS E8 Series Review

Model variants include: E8-N, E8-TN E8-GN.
At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking the SAT SDS E8 Series Thermal Imagers look a bit toy like. That’s mostly because of their ultra-compact size, weighing less than 500 grams and measuring just 172mm in length. The body is also particularly slim as the 2.5” display folds seamlessly flat into the body. It is very small and neat, but leaves you thinking “where is the rest of it?”

But don’t be fooled by the size, this little camera packs an awesome image and array of features. Quite honestly I was blown away. For a product that is made in China, this brand has one of the longest established histories and the refinement in this model shows. The body is well made, no sharp edges on the plastic, nice mouldings and has excellent touches of soft rubber on all the main contact points. The swivel screen has a positive action and is firm and sturdy. Everything lines up neatly in a build quality you would expect from one of the European Marques.

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