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WARNING: Read this first.

Don’t make the mistake of buying what the sales guy told you or the cheapest camera you can afford. Chances are, neither will work for you and you will end up spending more in the long run. As a thermography trainer for more than 20 years, in every class I teach I meet students who reluctantly admit to purchasing the wrong equipment, through either poor advice, not allowing sufficient budget for the application (ie being cheap), thinking they can get away with being cheap or all of the above. Sales people are usually driven by budgets and kpi’s. Most I’ve met don’t have any formal training training in thermography. While they might have used a camera for sales demonstrations, it’s unlikely they’ve spent days, weeks or years, scanning switchboards, overhead networks, plant & process equipment, climbing through roofs or underfloor spaces with a thermal imager. It is also unlikely they’ve spent countless hours downloading ... Read more...

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Flir E60/E60bx, E50/50bx, E40/E40bx Review

Flir E60/E60bx, E50/50bx, E40/E40bx Review What’s to like: Great Built Quality Great design, slim and ergonomic Temp range up to 650°C standard Excellent user interface What’s not to like: Level and span adjustment is awkward Visual and Thermal Image save as separate files Onscreen colour/palettes not very bright or intense Need to pay for good software Otherwise know as FLIR’s ... Read More »

Flir i7


The Flir i7 is the top of the range model in Flir’s new entry level “i” series thermal imaging infrared cameras. As such it supports the larger sized 120x120 which provides a respectable 14,400 pixels of resolution. This is significantly greater than the Flir i5 and Flir i3 which are 6,400 and 3,600 pixels respectively. And boy, does it show! The image is far superior to that of the fledgling models and you might actually consider this camera as a serious contender in the entry level infrared camera market. Being part of a trio, it is virtually impossible to consider this camera in isolation, and as such the review reads more as a compare between the 3 models in the series. Read More »


Flir has long been seen as a ground breaker in Infrared Technology, and they have proven again their ability to offer break through pricing and technology with the release of the Flir i3 infrared camera. The release of the Flir i3 has generated a lot of interest and talk in the industry. Never before have we seen an infrared camera at sub $1500 price point. Read More »

Trotec IC080-LV


If you think this camera bears a striking resemblance to the American based PTI-170, or the SDS Hotfind then you would be spot on.  The OEM of this particular product is SAT Infrared in Guangdong province China.  Regardless of it’s incarnation, the core functionality and the performance of the camera is the same... Read More »

Fluke Ti25

Fluke Ti25

From the minute you pickup the Fluke Ti25 you know that you are holding a quality Fluke instrument. Solid, firm, soft touch rubber with plenty of FLUKE yellow... all these things are immediately noticeable and the impression is lasting. At 1.2kg it is not the lightest “point and shoot” camera in it’s class but.... Read More »

Fluke Ti100

Fluke Ti100

For decades I have considered Fluke to be the Test and Measurement Industry’s most premium (and expensive) brands, delivering high end, high quality products. When such a company decides to compete with low end entry level products, you can’t help but be sceptical as to how much value they would... Read More »

Fluke Ti400, Ti300, Ti200 Thermal Imager Review

Given this style of camera is not a significant departure from it’s predecessors, it’s only natural to make comparison’s between this series Ti400/Ti300/Ti200 and the previous models Fluke Ti32/Ti29/Ti27/Ti25/Ti10. It’s like a Fluke Ti32 (predecessor) on steroids! Read More »

SAT SDS E8 Series Review: E8-N, E8-TN, E8-GN

SAT SDS E8 Series Review Model variants include: E8-N, E8-TN E8-GN. At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking the SAT SDS E8 Series Thermal Imagers look a bit toy like. That’s mostly because of their ultra-compact size, weighing less than 500 grams and measuring just 172mm in length. The body is also particularly slim as the 2.5” display ... Read More »