Thermal Imager reviews by thermographers for thermographers

WARNING: Read this first.

Don’t make the mistake of buying what the sales guy told you or the cheapest camera you can afford. Chances are, neither will work for you and you will end up spending more in the long run. As a thermography trainer for more than 20 years, in every class I teach I meet students who reluctantly admit to purchasing the wrong equipment, through either poor advice, not allowing sufficient budget for the application (ie being cheap), thinking they can get away with being cheap or all of the above. Sales people are usually driven by budgets and kpi’s. Most I’ve met don’t have any formal training training in thermography. While they might have used a camera for sales demonstrations, it’s unlikely they’ve spent days, weeks or years, scanning switchboards, overhead networks, plant & process equipment, climbing through roofs or underfloor spaces with a thermal imager. It is also unlikely they’ve spent countless hours downloading ... Read more...

Recent Reviews

Testo Super Resolution

When I first read about super resolution, I concluded that this must simply be some fancy version of image enhancement or pixel interpolation.... but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Read More »

Testo Panorama Feature

Testo Panorama Infared Image

This is one of my favourite functions and anyone who needs to regularly image large structures will thoroughly get there money’s worth from this. Read More »

Flir E4, E5, E6, E8 Review

Flir E4, E5, E6, E8 Review What’s to like: Solid platform and build quality Field Swappable battery Good screen resolution, crisp and clear Easy navigation and operation What’s not to like: Focus free Very wide angle lens No user adjustable level and span Hi resolution model is expensive The release of the new Flir E series has been met with ... Read More »

KEII KC500 Review

Comparison of Testo 882 and Keii The following images show the comparison between the Testo 882 and the Keii Thermal Imaging Cameras. Read More »

Testo Site Recognition

Testo Site Recognition

Site recognition is a very clever system similar to bar-coding, but instead utilising optically registered symbols/markers to identify components/equipment/objects etc. Read More »

IPI-R-Zero Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

The IPI-R-Zero is one of those cameras you approach with scepticism. With a price tag of just $2500 (ex gst), it makes you wonder what you aren’t getting and just how suspect is it? ....Well, not too bad, in fact for the money you would have to say it is excellent. Read More »