IPI-TP9-640 Infrared Camera Review

IPI-TP9-640 Infrared Camera Review

Buying an infrared camera

What’s to Like:

  • Stunning 640×480 resolution
  • Compact and light weight
  • Awesome internal viewfinder for outdoor use
  • 5 inch touch screen with intuitive control
  • Core functions are easily accessible and fast to use
  • Stores real time video
  • 16GB or 32GB memory, plus backup hard drive
  • Easy to use joystick control
  • Visual camera performance is excellent
  • Professional Software Suite

What’s not to like:

  • Auto focus slow and therefore useless

The IPI-TP9-640 is a professional thermographer’s camera that ticks all the boxes. A super compact footprint and a host of professional features make this a serious predictive maintenance tool for professional thermographers. Speed, efficiency and high quality image capture and data acquisition are the hallmarks of this truly professional device. I have felt that in recent years manufacturers had all but forgotten about the top end of town, having been beguiled by the market’s thirst for low cost throw away entry level units. By the top end of town I mean the professional thermographers; who need the utmost in performance to meet the varied demands of a wide scope of applications and customer requirements. A contractor’s camera has a hard life, and must be built to withstand the daily rigours. Most work 40+ hours per week in tough industrial environments where they are exposed to dust/dirt, corrosive gases, extreme hot/cold temperatures, bright sunlight, and more bumps and knocks than you would care to admit. They need to be reliable (unquestionably so), with tough rugged components and interface connections. They need great backup from the supplier, and it also helps if parts and batteries are available locally at a moment’s notice. A professional will be asked to measure high temp, low temp and everything in between without sacrificing too much thermal sensitivity and providing crisp, clear images. For someone using a camera for hours on end, it needs to be ergonomically comfortable and light weight. Data collection should be easy and efficient. You don’t want fuss, or clumsy user interfaces that frustrate the operator and slow you down. It’s not often that you can get all this in one package; however the IPI-TP9-640 Thermal Imager actually achieves all of this and more.

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