Fluke Ti100

Fluke Ti100

For decades I have considered Fluke to be the Test and Measurement Industry’s most premium (and expensive) brands, delivering high end, high quality products.   When such a company decides to compete with low end entry level products, you can’t help but be sceptical as to how much value they would imbue in such a product at the risk of cannibalising their more expensive models.

Akin to it’s entry level status, the Fluke Ti100 doesn’t benefit from all the tricky stuff included in the higher end models of the Fluke Ti110 and Ti125.  The IR-Optiflex System(TM) , IR Fusion Technology(TM), ultra contrast palettes(TM), IR Photo notes (TM) annotation system, Multi video mode output and Voice annotation functions are only available in the higher end models.

While the Fluke T100 does lack the grander features of Fluke Ti110 and Ti125, it does essentially share the same platform and more common features.  The build quality, ergonomics, screen performance, user interface, and image performance are comparable across the range.

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