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FLIR E40 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR E40 Thermal Imaging Camera

In a word, the FLIR E40 is impressive!  From the moment you pick the unit up you can’t help but be impressed. The more I use the camera, the more I like it.   In this increasingly competitive market it’s tempting for manufacturers to cut corners to keep costs down and make cameras more appealing to the consumer.  As a result there has recently been a flood of low cost, low quality cameras on the market that have failed to impress us.  Well, not so with the FLIR E40.  Flir have stuck with the brands traditional values of manufacture and produced a very high quality piece of kit.  It shows in all aspects of the design and you would happily part with your money for this unit.

There is nothing particularly exciting about the image on the base model E40. The 160×120 detector with a thermal sensitivity of 0.07°C is fairly standard issue at this price point but does a respectable job.   It is what it is, and that’s an entry level detector.  The lens has a good usable FOV of 25° and a respectable spatial resolution of 2.72 mrad.

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