Flir C2 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Flir C2 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

What’s to like:
– Smartphone like design, slim and compact
– Quick startup time
– Intuitive interface and easy to use
– Clear and responsive touch screen

What’s not to like:
– Resolution is too low for professional use
– 80×60 is the only resolution currently available
– Lens is exposed full time, without protection

From the moment I picked up the FLIR C2 I proclaimed (to myself) that this was the future of thermal imaging. Super slim and weighing just 130 grams; compact enough to fit in your top pocket, rubberised all over and not a button in sight (except for the on-off switch). First impressions were futuristic and definitely smart-phone-like. In fact even the packaging was reminiscent of my last iPhone. The packaging is certainly very smart and makes a good first impression. The entire product follows the same distinctive style and quality.

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