Thermal Imager reviews by thermographers for thermographers

WARNING: Read this first.

Don’t make the mistake of buying what the sales guy told you or the cheapest camera you can afford. Chances are, neither will work for you and you will end up spending more in the long run.
As a thermography trainer for more than 20 years, in every class I teach I meet students who reluctantly admit to purchasing the wrong equipment, through either poor advice, not allowing sufficient budget for the application (ie being cheap), thinking they can get away with being cheap or all of the above.
Sales people are usually driven by budgets and kpi’s. Most I’ve met don’t have any formal training in thermography. While they might have used a camera for sales demonstrations, it’s unlikely they’ve spent days, weeks or years, scanning switchboards, overhead networks, plant & process equipment, climbing through roofs or underfloor spaces with a thermal imager. It is also unlikely they’ve spent countless hours downloading images and managing data, transcribing field notes and generating comprehensive standards compliant reports.  Much of what they have to share with you is directly from a script provided to them by the marketing department. How do I know? I was once one of those guys.

So why trust the success of your thermography business or in-house predictive maintenance program to someone with virtually no real world experience?

Quite simply, Don’t.

At our reviews are written by practicing thermographers for thermographers.  Our reviewers practice across a broad range of industries, including electrical, mechanical, industrial, building inspections and energy loss, just to name a few.  We are here to help you make the right selection, the first time. As thermographers, we are regularly faced with both application and equipment challenges and are uniquely positioned to comment on how to overcome these issues.  We are not hobbyists, bloggers, equipment manufacturers or fanboys… but practicing thermographers who can demonstrate what you need and why.

When purchasing a thermal imager it is virtually impossible for novices or newcomers to discern between fact and fiction in the marketing presentations of equipment vendors. In today’s modern thermal imagers there are many sales gimmicks, bells, and whistles that are superfluous to performing an actual survey and often inhibit the natural workflow in the field. Not only that, you actually pay for them. can supply all the cameras we review at a competitive price. All equipment is fully supported by our in-house calibration and repair facilities. When buying a camera from us  we provide comprehensive phone and email support.  If you are stuck or need help at any time you can call us and speak to an experienced thermographer.  That level of support is invaluable   It will likely save you thousands of dollars, enhance your credibility and make your job a lot easier.

A note from the Editor:

“As a provider of training and unbiased certification in the Australian market, I see my customers struggling to find unbiased information and genuine feedback to make decisions on equipment purchases. With limited experience, it is difficult to consider real world situations and equipment suitability. Understanding design and performance limitations only comes with years of real world experience. Hopefully, this site will provide them with the feedback and insite they need to make an informed decision” – Brenton Ward