Thermal Imager reviews by thermographers for thermographers

WARNING: Read this first.

Don’t make the mistake of buying what the sales guy told you or the cheapest camera you can afford. Chances are, neither will work for you and you will end up spending more in the long run. As a thermography trainer for more than 20 years, in every class I teach I meet students who reluctantly admit to purchasing the wrong equipment, through either poor advice, not allowing sufficient budget for the application (ie being cheap), thinking they can get away with being cheap or all of the above. Sales people are usually driven by budgets and kpi’s. Most I’ve met don’t have any formal training training in thermography. While they might have used a camera for sales demonstrations, it’s unlikely they’ve spent days, weeks or years, scanning switchboards, overhead networks, plant & process equipment, climbing through roofs or underfloor spaces with a thermal imager. It is also unlikely they’ve spent countless hours downloading ... Read more...

Recent Reviews

Turtle Tough TT-400C Review

Turtle Tough TT-400C The good: Stunning Image Brilliant Ergonomics An abundance of physical buttons and controls Outstanding user interface The bad: Electronic Focus only Auto focus is clumsy Aspect ratio is different in the viewfinder The only way to describe the new Turtle Tough TT400C thermal imager is it’s a beast. They say beauty is in the eye of the ... Read More »

Testo 872 Thermal Imager

Testo 872 Thermal Imager The Good High native resolution 320×240 detector 60mk (0.06°C) Thermal Sensitivity Stunning images with Super Resolution 640×480 42° angle lens excellent for large objects (building inspections) Outstanding user interface Smart Phone App Compatible The Bad 42° angle lens not ideal for small components (electrical inspection) Fixed focus, min focal length 0.5m Only 9Hz refresh rate Powerful… ... Read More »

SATIR Hotfind S Thermal Imager Review

SATIR HOTFIND S Thermal Imager Review Author: Brenton Ward Date: 22/11/2016 What’s to like: Super Rugged Housing Solid Build Compact design Comfortable pistol style ergonomics 3.6” tilt screen, clear and easy to read in sunlight Excellent user interface Excellent Image Quality Video Recording Charges from micro USB (ie phone charger) What’s not to like: Keypad navigation Lack of continuity between ... Read More »

Testo 875-1i Thermal Imager Review

Testo 875

Testo 875-1i What’s to like: Thermal Sensitivity <50mk 320×240 resolution with SR Focus mechanism for up close imaging 32° angle lens Laser Pointer Professional Software What’s not to like: Somebody? Anything? The Testo 875-1i represents a significant upgrade to the base model Testo 875. The “i” has some very important points of difference including upgrades to the detector, a fast ... Read More »

SATIR PK-160 Android based Tablet Thermal Camera

SATIR PK-160 Android based Tablet Thermal Camera Review Author: Brenton Ward Date: 9th Nov 2016 What’s to like: Android Operating System – outstanding user interface Actual android smart phone hardware platform Rugged construction, excellent use of rubber Access to battery Excellent image quality Use of shutter technology Fully radiometric (i.e. full screen temperature measurement)   What’s not to like: Bootup/Startup ... Read More »

Testo 882 Thermal Imaging Camera

Testo 882

Testo 882 Thermal Imaging Camera The Testo 882 scores very high in image performance. I am impressed by the 320×240 image quailty and it is evident that the sensitivity is every bit as good as the stated <60mk. Despite measurement capabilities up to 350°C, the first range is -20 to 100°C, which takes full advantage of this sensitivity which is ... Read More »

Flir T400 Series (T420/T440/T460) Infrared Camera Review


Flir T400 series (Flir T420/440/460) What’s to like: Great Built Quality Great design – compact, light and excellent ergonomics Temp range up to 650°C standard Excellent user interface What’s not to like: Level and span adjustment is awkward Key strokes/acceleration is not very predictable Electronic focus only – no manual adjustment Onscreen colour/palettes not very bright or intense Screen response ... Read More »

Testo 870 Thermal Imager Review

Testo 870

The gloves are really off with this latest release from Testo. Quite simply it’s ridiculously good. Too good in fact. The truth is, it is so good it will probably cannibalise the sales of many of their higher end models, which is not the best strategy for a manufacturer. It is however good for YOU the customer. Read More »